January 2017 Schedule

January 2017 TV19 Schedule: All programs on web at: http://gfcc.peg.tv. Program Description on web at http://tv19fairmont.blogspot.com. All Programs shown at a.m. and p.m, repeating every 12 hours.
TimeDescription     Date Taped     Duration
07:00:00      Oldies      11/2/16      37:38
07:37:38      Dunkin Donut      12/05/16      12:43
07:50:21      Christmas Toy Shop, part 1      11/25/16      37:11
08:27:32      Christmas Toy Shop, part 2      11/25/16      04:14
08:31:46      Vocal Tapestry      12/10/16      58:00
09:30:00      Veterans Tree, part 1      12/07/16      29:26
10:59:26      Veterans Tree, part 2      12/07/16      07:24
10:06:50      Celebration Light & Nativity:      12/06/16      32:07
10:38:57      Coal Mine Swap Meet      12/03/16      1:01:00
11:39:57      After School - Central Christian      10/25/16      09:54
11:49:51      Waters & Baptism at River & ad      01/15/16      07:54
12:00:00      (SAMHSA)- Recovery Month      11/07/16      29:33
12:29:33      FSC Choral Concert      10/16/16      48:09
01:17:42      FAU Voice Recital      12/01/16      22:36
01:40:16      FSU Jazz Ensemble      12/01/16      32:20
02:12:38      2016 Veterans Parade & ads      11/11/16      29:16
02:41:52      Alta Kerns & Toy Shop History      11/25/16      09:33
02:51:27      City Council & PSA      11/22/16      1:05:25
04:00:00      City Council & ads      12/13/16      34:08
04:34:08      County Commission      11/30/16      50:27
05:24:35      County Commission & Ad      12/14/16      31:36
05:56:11      Mock Debate: Fairmont State      11/01/16      34:46
06:30:50      WVU News/Mountaineer Playbook            

07:00:00     Oldies Dance for United Way 12/2/16
Highlights include interviews with Nicky Osbourne, Marion County Executive Director of United Way, Kerri Kinder of ResTech of Fairmont, , Randy and Nancy Farley, Margaret King, Margaret Wakefield, Jannetta Mae Smith, 96 years young, auction, and support for 20 agencies.

07:37:30     Dunkin' Donut 12/5/16     12:43
Highlights of Grand Opening includes opening scenes, interviews with owner Joe DeFazio, Regional Rep Thomasine Dennison, and Rev. Rebecca Minh. At the intersection of Fairmont Ave. and 10th Street the 4's are observed: favorite flavors -food - fuel - and foundation of faith.

07:50:21     Christmas Toy Shop, part 1 & 2     11/25/16     37:11
Highlights include interviews with Regina Robinson, Store Manager Family Dollar Store; Volunteers Betty Goudy, Don Burrows; gifters Laura Ice and children Kara & Pressley and Charlotte Shroyer; Trina Clevenger and child Beatrice/Tiffany Wine and children Taylor and Kaden of The Baptist Temple Pre School Nursery. Shoppers interviewed were Alta Kerns - Barrackville recipient w/ sister, Vanessa Corley. Second part is 4:14.

08:31 Vocal Tapestry at Feast of Seven Fishes: 12/10/16
Concert features selections, "And the Glory of the Lord, Silent Night, 9:40- Rejoice; 13:00 Candlelight Carol 17:00- Mary Did You Know; 22:00 - Carol of the Bells; 24:00- Do You Hear What I Hear; Second Set includes 28:40 - Still, Still; 33:00- Deck the Halls; 35:00- Most Wonderful Time of the Year; 37:00- My Christmas Wish for You; 41:00- Sleigh Ride; 44:30- Twas the Night Before Christmas; 54:00- Mary Did You Know; 58:00- Happy Holidays. Conductors include Matt Morgan, Susan Coffindaffer, Betty Lee, and Shawn Dunn conducting.

09:30 MC Christmas Veterans Tree: 12/07/16     37:02
Highlights of this two part Courthouse Marion County Veteran Christmas Tree includes Kip Price (whose idea this was), reading names of the veterans whose picture is enclosed in an ordainment; Comments from Delegate Mike Caputo, Mayor Ron Straight, Kenneth Satterfield, American Legion Commander Vice Commander: Military Veterans County- Marion Co., and Ernie VanGilder as the emcee.

10:06 Celebration of Lights & Live Nativity: 12/06/16     32:07
Highlights includes views of the Live Nativity at Gateway United Methodist Church, one song "Away in a Manger" by West Fairmont Choraliers; portions of songs by Gateway Choir and a ride through of the Festival of Lights at Morris Park on the Fairmont Marion County Transit Bus to the tunes of Apologetiz "Manger;" Inner Splendor "O Come O Come Emmanuel;" Jessica Kol "In the Bleak Midwinter;" Judy Pancoast, "Magic of the Christmas Tree;" Vladimir Sterzer, "Silent Night;" Lance Vaughn, "The Magic of Christmas;" 33:00 - Deck the Halls.

10:38 Coal Mine Swap Meet: 12/03/16     1:01:00
Highlights w/ interviews w/ Mike Rohaly Pres.; & Cheriè Coogle, Executive Director, NACMHA, Northern Appalachian Coal Mining Heritage Association; vendors Mike and Linda Mostardi; Jay Lockard- Chillicothe, Ohio; Richard Moats, Rivesville Miner & Maker of Jewelry; John Konat; Colin Gatland of Eastern Mining Collectors Association; Steve Prince, West Wine sales market representative; Dora Kay Grubb, President, Marion County Historical Society; Guy Ward, collector; Miners and Veterans who shared their stories were Eugene Opyeke of #9; Veterans George Belloni, Sr. & Paul F. McCue; Asa Davison, Coal Miner & Veteran; Fred Powers, Appalachian Coal Miner Storyteller; Mark Dorsey, Miner & Board Member of NACMHA; Susan Hilling, Coal Miner of 40 years at Blacksville 1 and 2; William "Bill" Bokey -miner and exhibitor from Rosemont, WV; Crystal Weimer, Executive Director: Harrison County WV Historical Society and Sydney Stapleton, Preserve West Virginia, Harrison Co WV Historical Society AmeriCorp Worker; and David Kennedy, local exhibitor. Rev. Richard Bowyer discusses his role at the No. 9 Mine Tragedy and gives the closing prayer, while DD Meighen shared the history of National Miners Day begun in Fairmont of December 2016. FYI, NACHMA phone number is 304-366-9358.

11:39 After School - Central Christian     10/18/16
Highlights include a conclusion of the program at CCC on Ready Set Act. Interviews are conducted with students Ryan Hager, Brianna Channel, and Torence Quisenberry. Elizabeth Remisa, Elementary Education Major, was the student assistant and Dr. Francene Kirk, Abelina Suarez Professor of Communication and Theatre Arts, Fairmont State University.

11:49 Blessing of Water & "River of Judea"     01/15/16     07:54
Members of the Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Mission of Fairmont participate in the Feast of Theophany, Blessing of the Waters for all Creation. Those taking part were Wayne and Joyce Kirby, John Ice, John Elliott, and Father Rodney Torbic. Also seen are choir members of First Christian Church of Morgantown performing, "River of Judea." 12:00 Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) 29:33 This episode will feature footage, photos, and interviews of participants from nationwide events as individuals, families, and entire communities celebrate Recovery Month, including the 2016 kick off news conference and National Recovery Month luncheon. These community events are the cornerstone of Recovery Month and involve educating, mentoring, and engaging others in supporting recovery. In addition, the episode will highlight the positive and affirming message realized by millions of Americans: Behavioral health is essential to health, prevention works, treatment is effective, and people recover.

12:29:33     FSC Choral Music by Women Composers     10/16/16     48:18
Performed by Collegiate Singers, Chamber and Community Chorus at First Presbyterian Church, the music consisted of (1) Simple Magnificat by Ellen Taafte Zwilich; (2) Nunc Dimittis by Zanaida Robles; (3) Virtus Sapientiae by Hildegard of Bingen (Chamber Choir); (4) Veni Creator Spirtus by Linda Rachelmeier; (5) Abendfeier in Venedig by Clara Schumann; (6) Ch'10 Non T'Ami Cor Mio by Vittoria Aleotti; (7) Tell Me, Where is Fancy Bred by Ann Mounsey Bartholomew; (8) Harriett Tubman by Walter Robinson- arr. by Kathleen McGuire; (9) Panda Chant II by Meredith Monk (Collegiate Singers); (10) Now Touch the Air Softly by Susan Labarr; (11) Three Madrigals by Emma Lou Diemer; (12) Thou Shalt by Naomi Crellin; (13) Thulele Mama Ya by Lisa Young. Sam Spears is the conductor and John Morrison is the accompanist.

01:17 Fairmont State Voice Recital: 12/01/16     22:36
Elizabeth Wotring-Nelson introduces the voice recital program at Fairmont State University.

01:40 FSU Jazz Ensemble: 12/01/16     32:20
Robert Hickey directs selections of the Jazz Ensemble of Fairmont State University.

02:12 Veterans Parade: 11/11/16     29:16
Highlights of the Veterans Parade of 2 Bands, floats, Scouts, various Military Regiments, classic cars, and local businesses

02:41 Alta Kerns & Toy Shop History     11/25/16     09:330
Highlights includes brief overview of Toy Shop since 2009 and interview with Alta Kerns with sister Vanessa Gorbey standing beside her.

02:51 City Council:11/22/16     1:05:25
Highlights include recognition of East Fairmont 2016 State Championship Soccer Team, citizens petition by Rodney VanGilder asking that the 3rd Street be renamed the Maddox Bridge, and discussion on clubs and restaurants developing private drinking compliance for the Sunday Brunch Law. Finally, there was discussion on an initial grant to study and improve sidewalks in the city.

04:00 City Council: 12/13/16     34:08
Highlights includes 3 passages of the Sunday Brunch Bill, allowing liquor to be sold after 11:00 a.m.; various appointments to agencies and boards.

04:34 County Commission: 11/30/16     50:27

05:24 County Commission: 12/14/16     31:36
Highlights includes plea to name 3rd St. Bridge for James Maddox, 2017 Marion County Over -Time/Part Time Pay Schedule, and an $80,000 Courthouse Improvement Facility Grant. Also discussed was Frank Jarman's request for FRN use of building, George Belloni's request for help on D-Day, June 6, lunch and program at Palatine Park. Jeff Biafore reported on library wall improvements and Belinda reported that swearing in of elected officials will occur on Jan. 19th at 3:00 p.m. in Judge Jaynes' courtroom.

05:56 Mock Debate: Fairmont State: 11/01/16     34:46
Dr. Robert Mild narrates the mock debate between Hillary Clinton, represented by Hunter Baskerville and Donald Trump, represented by Julia Pecora. Assisting in the production were Dr. Aimee Richards, Advisor of Speech and Debate Team and Dr. Joni Gray, Advisor of FalComm. Program was edited by Michael Lemley and Music by Bensound. Dr. Francene Kirk filmed the debate.

TimeDescription     Date Taped
07:00      United Way Oldies Dance      
07:37      Dunkin Donut Opening     
07:50      Christmas Toy Shop, part 1     
08:27      Christmas Toy Shop, part 2     
08:31      Vocal Tapestry-Christmas     
09:30      Veterans Tree     
10:06      Celebration Light & Nativity     
10:38      Coal Mine Swap Meet     
11:39      After School - Central Christian     
11:49      Blessing of Waters & "River of Judea"     
12:00      (SAMHSA)- Recovery Month     
12:29      FSC Choral Concert     
01:17      FAU Voice Recital     
01:40      FSU Jazz Ensemble     
02:12      2016 Veterans Parade & ads     
02:40      Alta Kerns & Toy Shop History     
02:51      City Council & PSA     11/22/16
04:00      City Council & ads     12/13/16
04:34      County Commission     11/30/16
05:24      County Commission & Ad     12/14/16
05:56      Mock Debate: Fairmont State     11/01/16
06:30      WVU News