August 2016 Schedule

August 2016 TV19 SCHEDULE: All programs on web at: Program Description on web at All Programs shown at a.m. and p.m, repeating every 12 hours.
TimeDescription     Date Taped     Duration
07:00      2015 BACKPACK GIVEAWAY      07/13/15      19:00
07:19      DIVINE CAFÉ/WERETH 11      06/27/16      16:12
07:34      PICKLE BALL      07/28/16      11:43
07:45      4TH JULY SPECIAL      07/04/16      1:03:50
08:49      WORK TEAM- GFCC      07/08/16      24:13
09:13      COLUMBUS CARPENTER & AD      07/21/16      12:05
09:30      JOHNNY JOHNSON FESTIVAL      07/10/16      52:43
10:22      COMMUNITY GARDENS      10/10/16      32:42
10:55      REV. MIHM & LEWIS      07/20/16      42:31
11:37      5th ST. 2nd REUNION      06/12/16      09:31
11:47      WILL PORTER: MON RIVER      07/12/16      04:31
11:53      FLAGS FLYING & AD
12:00      FAIRMONT SCENES- 122      03/15/12      33:31
12:33      FAIRMONT SLIDES      
12:55      BIBLE DVD
01:11      STREETS OF SARAJEVO      05/15/16      04:35
01:16      ROGER THROWER      07/01/16      04:07
01:19      ALL-STATE CHILDREN      04/15/99      03:19
01:23      SPLASH PARK DEDICATION      05/14/15      16:45
01:26      WV COURT SYSTEM      07/01/16      33:36
02:00      MAY 27 & 28- 3 RIVERS      05/27/16      23:00      
02:23      CONCERT FOR RICHWOOD      07/17/16      1:01:16
03:24      2 UNITED WAY PROGRAMS      07/11/16      19:10      
03:43      POKÉMON GO AT THE PARK      07/17/16      12:56
03:56      ADS
04:00      GARBAGE RATES      07/12/16      1:10:22
05:10      CITY COUNCIL      07/12/16      1:19:37
06:30      COUNTY COMMISSION & AD      07/13/16      28:06

07:00     SMART START BACKPACK PROGRAM     08/08/15     19:00
Highlights of 457 backpacks distributed from the Election Center are shown. Interviews are presented with Teresa Wright: MC Starts Smart Backpacks & School Supplies coordinator; Volunteers: Brian Quirk, Daryl Hoskinson, Jim Burns and Tim Capelle from Cummings; Sandra Buchanan and Ardella Cottrill; Student volunteers: Hailey Golden, Madyson Board, and Hunter Quirk; Anastasia Hilvers, WV Service Dogs Support Group; Recipients Destiny Homes; Misty and Jade Cottingham: mother & daughter.

Highlights of the June 27, 2016 program include scenes from Miles Chapel Community Church, he Divine Café, work team from Indianapolis, Indiana, and Kip Price's presentation of Wereth 11. Rev. Jessica Collins is interviewed about the work of the church, café, and summer program.

07:35     PICKLE BALL     07/28/16
Highlights include scenes of Pickle ballers playing at Central Christian Church. Interviews are with Suze Dempsey, Buck Thompson, Willa VanGilder, and Fred Kelly

07:46     JULY 4TH SPECIAL     1:03:50
Palatine Park highlights include interviews with Al Austin, Lenora Cowger, Brittany and Barbara Sacks, Jack Brooks, & Rodney McGinnis on the meaning of the 4th of July; Justin Flowers dancing; Brother Short Band & Abby Latocha singing; and Tane Lynne and the Total Package. Also, the final 27 minutes of fireworks are shown with various patriotic music playing, "Stars and Stripes, Shaker Melody, God Bless America, My County Tis of Thee, Battle Hymn, Navy Hymn, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, America the Beautiful, Battle Cry of Freedom, God Bless the USA."

08:50     WORK TEAM: GFCC
Highlights include workers Deacon David Lester, Rick Garcia, C.J. Pagliaro., John Lee, and Jerry Walter (who also discusses Rainelle); cooks Becky Carvillano, Linda Sheolsky, Chris Schmidt, and Helen Moran. Scenes from work done on Charlton St. in Fairmont and in Grant Town are shown and cutting of trees on Wabash Ave. The prayer time prior to working at St. Anthony's is shown.

09:14     COLUMBUS CARPENTER & AD     07/21/16
Columbus Carpenter Announcing Changing of Name of the East Marion Park to the East Marion Veterans Memorial Park at the County Commission meeting of July 13, 2016.

09:30     JOHNNY JOHNSON FESTIVAL     07/10/16
Highlights of Music & Interviews from Palatine on Sat. and Sunday, July 9 and 10th include Bob Margolin with assistance from Tad Walters and Roddy Barnes; Gordon Jones of the Corey Harris Blues Band; Mary Quarterman, Lilly Anna, and Andrew Snider dancing; Bill Stalnaker the originator of the JJ Festival; and of course, Frances Johnson- seen with Austrian singer Danny Tsun.

10:22     TWO COMMUNITY GARDENS     07/08/16
Highlights of scenes and interviews at two Community Gardens are presented. At Oliver St. Chris Nielsen, WV Promise Visa in service at Learning Options, is interviewed as she explains the adoptable and community raised beds. Adoptable beds costs $25 and community raised beds are those supported by community agencies and people for use in the community. Persons interviewed are; Students from the WV Governor's Honor Academy- Abby Wallace, Hancock County; Matt Lazo, Hardy County; Kimberly Van Dongen, RA with Governor's Honor Academy. At corner of Wheeling and Chicago St., Shanequa Smith, PhD Candidate in WVU Human & Community Development is interviewed and Carl Chadband, CEO, Kanawha Institute for Social Research speaks. 131 Perkins Avenue: Dunbar, WV 25064, 304.768.7900 share the Fatherhood Initiative for Sustainable Economic Development. We also see Andrea Salina Fleming, Executive Director of the Fairmont Community Development Partnership, cuts the ribbon following donation of the land to the Westside Action Coalition. Diamond Brown, community representative for the Westside Coalition Action and Fairmont Community Youth Development Center (formerly 612 MAC) serves as ceremony leader.

10:55     REV. REBECCA MIHM & JUNIUS LEWIS     07/20/16
Highlights of the two new ministers in the Fairmont area are presented: Rebecca Mihm of Fleming Memorial and Junius Lewis of the Trinity-Central United Methodist Charge

11:37     5th ST. 2nd REUNION     06/12/16- 9:31
Highlights include Scenes from 5TH St. and interview with Frank Martin

11:47     MONONGAHELA RIVER - WILL PORTER     09/03/15
Highlights of famous Fairmont singer Will Porter's doing his song Monongahela River from his latest cd "Happy." It is set to a video with scenes from a 2011 River Board ride with Bob & Kim Rogers

11:53     FLAGS FLYING & AD
Highlights of flags at the Baptist Temple is shown

12:00     FAIRMONT SCENES     03/12/12     33:33
124 scenes include many Downtown, Court House, Trolley cars and postcards scenes from past years.

12:33     FAIRMONT SLIDES     21:34
Highlights of 168 slides of Fairmont and Marion County features many schools, trains, bridges, and downtown scenes as well as Monongah mine and community.

12:55     BIBLE DV     05/12/13     04:41
Highlights of Bible Sayings set to Music

Famous song by John McCutcheon is presently as work is done on the connector. Aaron Clay plays bass at the Arts and Humanities Award ceremony in 2010 in background.

01:11     ROGER THROWER - 4:07
Roger Thrower sings religious song

01:16     ALL-STATE CHILDREN - 1999
All State Children's Song, "Let the River Take You Away."

12:55     SPLASH PARK DEDICATION     06/25/14
Highlights include interview with Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and the program featuring words from County Commissioners, Charlie Reese and music from Ron and Todd Poole.

01:26     WV COURT SYSTEM     07/01/16     33:36
Highlights of this new DVD features both the WV Court System and the Supreme Court Chamber and History. It is narrated by Senior Status Justice Thomas E. McHugh and features how the WV Court System works through the four layers of judicial action and shows history of the present site via Wheeling and Charleston. For more information, contact Public Information office of WV Supreme Court (304) 340-2305 or (304)558-0145. And for free tours of the facility, please contact (304) 558-2601.

02:00     MAY 27 & 28 - 3 RIVERS     05/27/16     23:00
Highlights of this program includes the music of Robbie Comas, Joe Rodkey of Cutting Board Kingdom of Pennsylvania on special displays with coal and wood.

02:23     MARSHALL LOWRY FLOOD RELIEF     07/17/16     1:01:16
Highlights of the Palatine Park Concert to assist Richwood High and Middle School Band and Choral Program because of the flood that devastated the town is presented in two parts. The first part is the presentation to the County Commission on June 29, 2016 and the second part is the day itself - from 3:00-8:00 p.m. that included interviews with Sundie Casto from Richwood High School, Marshall Lowery, John Provins, and Becky Wade, Band Booster Volunteer. Musical groups performing were (1) John Henry featuring Johnny Bryan & Aaron Henry; (2) The Joseph Sisters; (3) Bradley Shaw Band featuring Bradley Shaw, vocals, Mark Scott, bass, Jason Secreto, drummer and Nathaniel Stalnaker, lead guitarist; and (4) Marshall Lowery Band, featuring Marshall Lowry-Guitars, Banjo, Vocals, Mike King- Drums, Percussion, Vocals, and Aaron Jose-Bass, Vocals. Many scenes of people and the river are presented.

03:24     BREAKFAST & CHRISTMAS IN JULY     07/11 & 16/16     19:10
Highlights of the Pacesetters Breakfast for United Way leaders and Christmas in July for the Celebration of Lights are seen. Interviews occur with Blair Nuzum-Wise, Board president of the United Way, and Taylor Downs, one of the Campaign Chairs. They discuss many of this year's programs for the UW: Fairmont State Soccer Clinic, Aug.6; BB Clinic Aug. 20; John Veasey Golf Tournament- Sept. 2; Walk the Walkathon- Sept. 14; LIVE United Sunday- Sept. 18; Denim for a Difference-Sept. 1923; Restaurant Week, Oct. 3-7; Dancing with the Stars, Oct. 15; Bosses Day, Oct. 17; Harlem Ambassadors, Nov. 6; Fast Food Week, Nov. 6-12; Celebration of Lights Starts, Nov. 25; Oldies Dance, Dec. 2; Night at the Nativity, Dec. 6.In addition, Bob Hunt, Super Volunteer for the Celebration of Light and Tammy Shriver, photographer for the Fairmont Times, are also interviewed.

03:43     PALATINE PARK POKÉMON GO & AD     07/17/16     13:08
Highlights of night features discussion with three Pokémon GO Fan and Players: Amaury Ansar from France and Todd Attley-Orne from England and Robbie Comas from Fairmont. Discussion of the game and pictures from the smartphones helps readers understand this phenomenon.

04:00     GARBAGE RATES: 07/12/16     1:10:12
Highlights of a $16.75 or 12.4% increase of garbage rates for the current year, followed by 3.0% annual increases in years 2-5, were presented and discussed. Discussion was led by City Manager Robin Gomez. Representing Republic Services were Steve Deveney, General Manager of Fairmont, Morgantown TS, wheeling, Short Creek LF, and John McGoran, Manager of Municipal Services, Western Pennsylvania Area that includes Fairmont.

05:10     CITY COUNCIL     07/12/16     1:19:37
Highlights include discussion and voting on parking rates and use of tobacco in city parks. Speaking for increase in downtown parking rates were Karen Gribben, Warren Harger, and Chuck Warner. Speaking for no use of tobacco in city parks were Beverly Keener, Health Educator; Shannon Jackson from Clarksburg; Patricia Julian, Oncology Nurse at Fairmont Regional Medical Center; Warren Harger and Christina Mickey, concerned citizen. Yadira Prieto of Quick Wrap spoke favorably of tearing down buildings on Pennsylvania Ave. Three People spoke under Citizens Petition: Joy Patterson of Bellview spoke of stop signs and painting signs; Debbie Seifrit spoke on concerns of road conditions as it relates to paving; and Andrew Zicafoose spoke on fireworks. Police Chief Steve Shines spoke on rules and regulations regarding fireworks.

06:30:00     COUNTY COMMISSION     07/13/16     28:06
Highlights include discussion on changing of Park's name by Columbus Carpenter and concern over Hutchinson Bridge closing.

07:00      2015 BACKPACK GIVEAWAY
07:19      DIVINE CAFÉ/WERETH 11
07:35      PICKLE BALL
07:46      4TH JULY SPECIAL
08:50      WORK TEAM- GFCC
10:55      REV. MIHM & LEWIS
11:37      5th ST. 2nd REUNION
12:00      CITY COUNCIL: 05/24/16
01:26      WV COURT SYSTEM
02:00      MAY 27 & 28- 3 RIVERS
04:00      GARBAGE RATES
05:10      CITY COUNCIL: 07/12/16
06:30      COUNTY COMMISSION: 07/13/16